Life with Maria

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We have been home with Maria for 6 weeks now! It feels like she has been in our lives for so much longer.

She has nestled right into a routine. Maria is a social girl for sure, so we try to go fun places or visit family and friends every day! We’ve explored different story times, museums, the zoo, and lots of parks. She loves her whole family and is so excited to see them every time.

Elephants are cool, but the penguins were her favorite!

She loves playing hard– whether that means wresting the dog (I catch her regularly instigating wrestling sessions with the pup), pretend falling so she can be tickled and picked back up, or running laps around the basement. This girl is a climber! She climbs slides and walls and couches and into our bay window. I love watching her explore the world around her and soaking it all in however she can.

Maria is practicing her independence.. while relying on Mama.
What a treat to get to explore with friends! Amber is teaching me all the Mama tricks.
Stories and snacks with her cousins!
Maria and Clara playing in the Nature and Science Museum. These girls love water!
I love always exploring with her and watching her learn new things every day. She had no interest in books at first unless they had Mickey Mouse. Now she shares her books with her bear and will sit and read out loud for anyone!
Capturer of hearts.
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